Catering Menu (PDF)


Catering – Pizzas


Why serve your extraordinary clients or employees ordinary pizza?  Choose from our large selection of award winning Gourmet and Traditional Pizzas.

For your event we recommend the 16″ Extra Large size which has 12 slices per pizza.  Based on our 30+ years experience, we’ve found the “magic number”  of slices per person is 2.5 for a group of adults.  So with this example, you would need 5 Extra Large pizzas for a group of 23 people.
23 people x 2.5 slices / 12 slices per pizzas = 4.79 Extra large Pizzas

If you want a wider variety, our 12″ Medium size has 8 slices per pizza, so…
23 people x 2.5 slices / 8 slices per pizza = 7.19 Medium Pizzas
Now round your number up or down depending on what you think your group would need.  Feel free to call us and we’ll be happy to help you figure your needs.

And remember, we’ll provide napkins, plates, slice servers, cups (with  soda orders), Parmesan cheese and crushed red pepper packets, and even individually wrapped mints/sweets for your event at no additional charge.  We also provide attractive full color signs clearly describing each type of pizza.  One call does it all for you!

Salad Bowls

For your group, we offer two sizes of salad bowls which include:  our garden salad mix tossed with tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese.  Each salad bowl includes an assortment of dressing packets, crouton packets, and all serving utensils (serving tongs, forks, plates, and napkins).
Small Garden Salad Bowl: $25.95 (serves 10 – 12)
Large Garden Salad Bowl:  $39.95 (serves 18-25)

Chef Salad Bowl (with turkey & ham), Grilled Chicken Salad Bowl, or Greek Salad Bowl:

Small Salad Bowl: $39.95 (serves 10 – 12)
Large Salad Bowl:  $49.95 (serves 18-25)

For individual salads, please choose from our Salad Menu.

Sandwich Platters

Five feet of our grinder style cold submarine sandwiches (cut into 40 individual pieces) served on a serving platter with serving tongs.  Serves 10-15 people.
-ITALIAN- ham, salami and pepperoni
-VEGGIE- lettuce, tomato, mild banana peppers
-ASSORTMENT- 5ft of any of the above

All sandwiches include lettuce and tomato, with mayo and Italian dressing packets served on the side.
$48.95 per platter

Box Lunches

Choice of grinder style sub served with an individual bag of Mike Sell’s Potato Chips, dill pickle spear and chocolate chip cookie. Mayo and Italian dressing packets served on the side.

Untoasted Subs:
TURKEY                          $8.49
VEGGIE- with onions and banana peppers (all sandwiches above served with provolone cheese, lettuce and tomato)

Toasted Subs:
CLUB GRINDER           $8.99
(all sandwiches above served with provolone cheese, lettuce and tomato)
ITALIAN MEATBALL- meatballs, provolone cheese, and our special pizza sauce
REUBEN SPECIAL- thousand island, caraway seeds, Swiss, kraut, lean corned beef
Gyro– beef&lamb, or grilled chicken with tomato, red onion, and tzatziki sauce                      $7.99  (add feta cheese for $0.50)

Mike-Sell’s Groovy Chip Bowl

A bowl of Mike-Sell’s groovy potato chips with serving scoop…
Small potato chip bowl: $9.95 (serves 10 – 12)
Large potato chip bowl:  $19.95 (serves 18-25)

Sweet Platters

A platter of cookies of your choice with serving tongs…

$12.95/per dozen

A platter of Decadent Chocolate Brownies with serving tongs…
$19.95 per dozen

A platter of six Brownies and six Cookies of your choice with serving tongs…

Group Drinks:

2-Liter bottles of…
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, 7-Up, Orange, Root Beer
$2.89 plus tax

Individual bottles of Premium Sodas and bottled water also available.

Bowl of Ice

Small ice bowl: $6.95 (serves 10 – 12)
Large ice bowl:  $9.95 (serves 18-25)