Sun Powered Pizza! Pizza Factory Is SOLAR !!

Dayton’s Original Pizza Factory has gone SOLAR !!! On Tuesday March 26 our solar panels started producing power and we are officially making partially sun-powered pizza! The system generates 11.9kW of power and should replace about 20% of our electric power usage.  Here is a bird’s eye view of our panels in operation on Day 1 of going SOLAR!

Also installed was an electric vehicle charger and we hope to eventually add an electric vehicle for deliveries.  We learned a lot about solar as this project developed, so feel free to call or email owner Bill Daniels ([email protected]) if you have an interest in going solar as well.  Solar power has reached the point where it is not just a good idea ecologically, but it has become an excellent investment with a very good rate of return! In the meantime, enjoy some sun-powered pizza from Dayton’s Original (Solar!) Pizza Factory.